UI Options & Features

Style (TRX Layer)

Select a TRX Layer, placed in the same comp. TRX Layers are Style packs that you can import into After Effects and can be downloaded from our Styles Gallery


Level of details

Controls the resolution the algorithm will work with. A lower LOD results in a faster render time and larger style features, as a higher LOD takes more time to render and offers smaller style features.


Render Previews

By default, Transfusion will not render when AE downgrades the comp’s resolution by more than 1/4. That means that when “Adaptive resolution” is activated and you scrub through the timeline, Transfusion will not render, letting you scrub through your footage without calling the plugin to render at each scrubbed frames. If you need Transfusion to render in situations of a degraded resolution, check this box.
More infos and examples on how to use this feature here.


Remove Border

Will remove the funky edges that the style sometimes creates


Reduce Flickering

3 tools are proposed to reduce frame-to-frame flickering when applying Transfusion to a video or an image sequence:

  • Reduce with blur:
    Will add a small amount of blur to the source image, resulting in a smoother and less noisy input, this is likely to reduce or remove noise and grain in video.
  • Reduce with noise:
    Will add a subtle static noise pattern over the image. This noise will help the algorithm to stick the style features at the same place on every frame, especially in large and uniform areas.
  • Start from last result:
    When activated, Transfusion uses the last rendered frame as the input frame, resulting in a much smoother output when working with video.
    The Mix slider defines how much of the last render is used. Typically, a lower value (between 5 and 20%) is enough to help the algorithm produce a stable result and still keep almost all of the animation.