How to Install & Register


  1. Remove any previous installation of Transfusion if needed.
  2. Install Transfusion by copying the plugin files to the Plugins folder of After Effects.
    on Windows:
    Copy Transfusion.aex, TransfusionBlend.aex and TransfusionImporter.aex to:
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2018\Support Files\Plug-ins\

    on Mac:
    Copy Transfusion.plugin,  TransfusionBlend.plugin and TransfusionImporter.plugin to:
    /Applications/Adobe After Effects CC 2018/Plug-ins/
  3. Open After Effects. You will find the plugins in the Style Transfer category.


Unless you enter your serial number, Transfusion will run in TRIAL mode and display a red cross over the output and limits each After Effects sessions to 100 frames of Transfusion effect. To register, add Transfusion effect to a layer, then click the Register button on top of the plugin parameters.

You can find your license code in the ‘My Downloads & Licenses’ section of your user account on aescripts+aeplugins:

You can also use aescripts+aeplugins Manager App to license the plugin: