How to use


Transfusion Blend uses another algorithm than Transfusion Styles. While Blend is more flexible by allowing a custom style input, it is less precise than Transfusion Styles. Think of Blend as an AI-assisted blending between two images.

  1. Add the image you want to stylize to a comp
  2. Apply Transfusion Blend to this layer
  3. Add another layer to your comp, which will be the style image
  4. In the Style parameter of the plugin, select the second layer to use as the style

Please refer to the next section, UI Options & Features for more details on the plugin’s controls.



Render times can vary, depending on the style image resolution and the source image resolution.



The more resolution the style image has, the more time it will take to calculate the result, but the definition will not necessarily change. We recommend that you keep the style layer to a maximum of 500x500px. Even low resolutions like 50x50px work well with the plugin, so to save render times you might want to pre-compose the style layer in a small comp and play with the scale of the style layer inside this comp.