Stabilize result

When working with video, Transfusion will produce a slightly different interpretation of the style each frame, which can cause flickering, due to noise in the source footage.

If you want a more stable result, de-noise and blur the source video before applying Transfusion to get rid of the small differences between two frames. Don’t be afraid of blurring it! The algorithm will still find its features even with a large amount of blur.

Here’s a list of effects you can use on the source video to smooth it before it passes through Transfusion. Experiment with one or a combination of these.

  • Gaussian Blur (native)
  • Remove Grain (native)
  • CC Wide Time (native)
  • Smart Blur (native)
  • Reduce Noise (Neat Video)

Here’s a list of effects you can use after Transfusion, to stabilize the result even more:

  • Smart Blur
  • CC Wide Time